Mercenary Heroes Collection Great Exodus

4 min readApr 7, 2022


Earn EPL token early with Mercenary collection

Public Minting Event for Empireland is coming closer! So grab your chance to earn huge rewards with the Mercenary Heroes.

“A true warrior can only serve others, not himself”… that’s what they said about Mercenary Heroes, warriors who fight for their personal profit instead of being loyal to any Lord of the Six Kingdoms. Being masters in combat skills, experienced with blood and kill, Mercenary Heroes could turn the tide of war in their employer’s favor, if they’re well paid.

Mercenary Heroes are strong, fierce and deadly. They do not know fear nor hesitation. When the time is right — when the public minting comes, they will show the world of how powerful they truly are…

But the clock is ticking and the time of the Great Exodus is now closer than ever. Cause Empireland decided to hold a public minting event on April 16th

What Is Mercenary Heroes Pack?

  • This is the first Heroes pack of EmpireLand, and also the only pack with limited 10.000 heroes supply. To strengthen the scholarship system in the future, we are going to keep the number of heroes as low as possible. The remaining heroes will be gone/burned after the time of sale.
  • Even though there are free NFTs for anyone who wants to get used to the EmpireLand, only the unique Heroes pack could give you access to full features, including earning rewards in PvE mode, using skill in PvP mode…

What Makes Mercenary Heroes Compared To Other Normal Heroes?

  • Firstly, Mercenary Heroes are extraordinarily better in terms of design. We carefully choose the best artists to depict the first batch of Heroes in Empireland.
  • Their power points are unique.

Let’s say, if the Mercenary minted is a common one, he could still have a variety of power points, instead of fixed points.. In the future, tier Hero could only have fixed power points — they are also lower than average points of Mercenary Heroes.

  • More Power points helps Mercenary to gain efficiency in PvE mode (more token gains, more NFT fragments…). To own Mercenary Heroes is the only way to earn rewards in the first phase of EmpireLand.
  • They are not only beautiful but also more useful when it comes to PvP battles. Each Mercenary Hero has a unique skill which helps them a lot in PvP mode.

For example, they can use the ability to destroy more hexes on the battlefield vertically or horizontally. In terms of balancing, we assure you one thing: in PvP mode, they are definitely better, but only in the hands of a true tactician. As EmpireLand favors wise knights rather than false one without thinking.

  • Owners of Mercenary Heroes are able to join the Retroactive Airdrop Program, including Sharing Staking Pool, Earning Daily tokens. They can also join the Beta test of EmpireLand or earn more tokens from the testing event.
  • There is a Hero Staking Pool* opening for a month. Sir knights have to stake and lock their heroes for at least 20 days to share the pool’s prizes. Each week there will be a snapshot scheduled. Sir knights who are still staking in the pool will be given a role in Empireland’s Discord. They also are able to join the and earn daily tokens early. There will be 4 snapshots in total.

*Detail of Staking Pool: There are 3M tokens in total used for rewards in the Staking Pool. On the opening day of Staking Pool, sir knights have to register their Discord usernames and commit to lock their NFTs for at least 20 days. They cannot withdraw NFTs during the time of Staking Pool.

*Detail of Early Discord game to earn tokens:

  • Will last for 4 weeks
  • Only holders who have locked up their Heroes can participate in
  • There will be 4 snapshots scheduled for 4 weeks, knights who locked Heroes before every snapshot will be able to join that week’s game
  • Every participants will have Airdrop score and individual point. The more you win, the more points you receive
  • Here is how to calculate how many tokens you earn:

For example, Knight A holds 3 heroes with the total rarity power of 200. Then Knight A gets 15 points => his Airdrop Score would be 200 * 15 = 3,000. The total airdrop score of all participants is 600,000, and the airdrop pool is 3,000,000 tokens. Knight A will earn:




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