Manohorg world — tale of the 6 kingdoms

According to the historians, the world of Manohorg was found thousands of years ago, first ruled by the demons. All of other races once were their slaves, until King Ludric liberated everyone from the demons’ savage domination. Now the world is divided into 6 kingdoms. Each kingdom possesses a different culture and army.

Kingdom of Mangulia: Southern East of the realm is saturated with horrible forces. It is a wasteland stalked by all manner of gruesome monsters and skilled horse archers. No crops survive there, for the ground is hard as iron and sandstorm howls like a hungry wolf.

Kingdom of Vikonia: Vikonia is the most northern of the land and the closest to the Great Seventh Sea, where the demons are imprisoned. Vikonia is ruled by great warriors who have potent combat skill and frost magic.

Kingdom of Eradia: Once was the heart of the Empire, Eradia now no longer holds its domination. However, its castle walls are impervious, its armies are still strong. Knights of Eradia also are considered the most ferocious warriors in the realm of man.

Kingdom of Forestwind: The forest of Forestwind is not like others. Its ancient trees long ago found self-awareness and wisdom. They learned to hate the lesser beings who gnawed at their realm with axes and flames. Only the elves are able to live among the trees as they love them with all their hearts.

Kingdom of Changli: The travelers who return from Changli tell tales of great terra-cotta statues and the golden armies they have never seen before. At Changli, science and magic co-exist, bringing prosperity to the land. They also tell tales of Golden Dragons flying around the Grand Cannon — the greatest weapon in the realm of man.

Kingdom of Shadowscar: Never has a land so forsaken by the gods than Shadowscar. Almost uninhabitable, Shadowscar’s forests are filled with corpses, half-rotted trees and horrific monsters. It is also well known for the existence of black dragons, the most fearsome monsters in the world of Manohorg.

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