Limited Mercenary Heroes Great Exodus Is Coming Close

About The Great Exodus — Public Mercenary Heroes Minting Event

Only 10,000 Mercenary Heroes will be available for minting at a price of 70 $FTM.

There is no whitelist for this event, anyone can participate in this presale event. There is also no upper limit as to how many NFTs any single user may acquire. But this also means that these Mercenary Heroes will run out FAST !

For more detail, check out this article:

So be ready for this Epic Sale. Although we’ve allocated to the end of May. It can only be live as long as there are unsold NFTs (Which is very unlikely)

How To Join The Public Sale — Great Exodus?

Sir knights can acquire Mercenary Heroes by performing these steps.

1. Setup Metamask Wallet And Add Fantom Opera Network

But if you are new to FTM or you are coming from another chain, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download And Install Metamask Wallet.

You can get Metamask at this:

Step 2: Create Metamask Wallet Account


Step 3: Add Fantom Opera Network to Metamask Networks list.

Then fill in the information detailed below:

2. Add Funds To Your Metamask Wallet:

Since EmpireLand is on Fantom, you will need FTM mainet token to pay for mint cost and gas (similar to how you need ETH to mint and pay for transaction fee on Ethereum).

a. The easiest way is to send FTM directly from your CEX account (Binance/Huobi/Gemini) to your metamask wallet. Please make sure choosing “Fantom” as the Network since we need mainnet Opera FTM, not ERC-20 or BEP-20 FTM

b. If you don’t have a CEX account or prefer not to, you can use a bridge to send assets from other chains to FTM and swap them to FTM. We recommend Spookyswap Bridge or Anyswap Bridge (link below)

  • Please make sure that you are connected to the network you are bridging from and this will be your From Chain
  • Choose To Chain as FTM
  • Select the token and the amount you want to bridge
  • Approve the token and click on Swap, make sure you have enough fund to pay for transaction on the network you are bridging from
  • Switch over to FTM Opera network and the funds should appear in your wallet within 10 minutes

3. Minting Heroes

Now that you have Metamask wallet account with FTM tokens, have them connect to the respective webpage to enter the minting event

A. Public Sale On NFT Garage:

Great Exodus will take place on the in Fantom NFTs tab.

Step 1: Click on Minter

EmpireLand Sale On NFT Garage

Step 2: Adjust the Minting Amount

Step 3: Confirm the transaction ( remember to save save FTM for gas fee)

A. Summoning On EmpireLand

The Great Exodus is NOT over yet, as we still need to summon heroes. The Summoning will be held on

Step 1: Navigate to Summon tab in the top-left corner. Then click Summon Heroes

Step 2: Pick the amount of heroes you want to mint (as long as there are still available in Balances)

Step 3: Confirm transaction on Metamask (Remember to save some FTM for the fee)

After that’s done, check out your inventory. Your heroes are waiting for you.

Why Should You Get Mercenary Heroes Packages?

Mercenary Heroes are more rare and stronger than normal heroes. Not only do they give you advantages in combat and more rewards. But they also gives you special access to Empire Land earning pools.

For more information, check out this article:

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