Introducing EmpireLand: World-class NFT-based Game Built on Fantom

4 min readJan 12, 2022


Your EmpireLand adventure will soon begin as The Great Exodus event occurs, where you will role-play as a hero attempting to rescue the world from the Dark Lord. Whether you’re a series veteran craving RPG elements or a newcomer hungry to earn rewards in the blockchain world, this game is seriously gifted for you.

The story so far

In the realm of Empireland, in the world called Manohorg, there are monsters, magic, and heroes. The Burning Demons who ruled this world for centuries were banished from the realm 999 years ago by a group of legendary heroes who fought alongside dragons and magical beasts alike. For now, the world is divided into six kingdoms, each constantly waging war against the others to gain control over the realm.

Thousands of people perished, towns were burnt to ash and dozens of heroes fell, but this isn’t the worst we could imagine. There is a prophecy which predicts the return of the Burning Demons after a thousand years of being banished. The ancient relic that once kept mankind safe from the armies of Burning Demons has been weakened, secretly by a dark cult, and its protection is going to be dimmed forever.

Six kingdoms are quite busy fighting each other, totally ignoring the prophecy. Standing alone, separated, they have no hope against the full onslaught of the Burning Demons. There must be a new champion who is ready to unite the world of men fighting against the Burning Demons and vanquish them once and for all!

A deep dive into the game

Your journey begins on the trail of The Great Exodus, where the heroes are minted from the Fantom Chain. Each hero is distinctive from the others, carrying various traits that are generated uniquely. If you are lucky enough to get a Heroes Collection set, then your chance to get generous rewards is clear.

Talking about the Heroes Collection Set, we have designed 6 sets in total. If your minted heroes carry all 7 traits of the same tier, then they are a Hero Collection One, who is far stronger than any hero minted. Being gamers to the core, we developers tried to implement RPG factors into the game where your equipment is valuable, increasing your power to defeat enemies effectively.

We are also planning to introduce the Ultimate Heroes in the first version of the game. They are called Landlords. There are only 2 of them, whose titles are named after legendary heroes who fought the Burning Demons 999 years ago: Protector of the Light and Conqueror of the Darkness. In addition to the unmatched strength, which gives you a much higher chance of defeating the enemies, Landlords also able to have unique abilities. One of them is the ability to become the overlord of the game, who collects fees and taxes from the other players, granting their masters abundant resources. They also have the ability to raise morale for soldiers and recruit them at a much faster speed.

There is only one way to get the Landlords: by auction. We will conduct an auction bidding event where the highest bidder will win the Landlords.

In Empireland, the land system is something that we placed a heavy emphasis on customization, ensuring that you can have plenty of control over your earning rewards. Owning land allows you to recruit the best soldiers the game can provide, along with the ability to rent your property to other players, further increasing your rewards while playing the game. Those fees will be charged back to the system at a rate of 10% (2% goes directly to landlords, while the remaining 8% is burned to create scarcity of in-game tokens)

Empireland is a vast world, filled with forlorn trails through monster-infested jungles, dragons roaring with monstrous ogres. There are plenty of enemies and monsters for the hero to encounter. Exclusive rewards and challenging enemies await you, but they won’t last forever! As we intend to make Empireland a long-term and sustainable game, we make sure new updates are on the way, including more enemies, more bosses, and, obviously, more equipment and rewards to come.

When true Play-to-Earn brought in

Empireland is a Play-to-earn NFT game to the core, built on the Fantom chain that makes it fun and, importantly, rewarding to players. We have many ways for players to earn in-game tokens by playing the game, owning NFTs or even borrowing NFTs to play.

Conquer-to-earn: Do your daily PvE quests, defeat the enemies, conquer other kingdoms to gain rewards according to your Heroes, Soldiers and Lands quality.

Rent-to-earn: Owning land allows you to rent your property to other players, requiring them to pay taxes and fees directly to you. Take note that 10% of fees will be charged back to the system.

Dominate-to-earn: Landlords are dominators in this game. Owning Landlords even allows you to gain rewards without doing anything.

We hope you enjoy this game and look forward to your thoughts and reactions. We’ll be listening to your feedback and are ever grateful to have you with us on this journey.

About EmpireLand

EmpireLand is a world-class Fantom NFT-based game that aspires to redefine Play-to-Earn concept in blockchain gaming space. Bringing you an epic realm and a novel gameplay, EmpireLand will captivate you from the moment you take your first steps into the adventure.

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A World-Class NFT-based Game powered by Fantom aspires to redefine the Play-to-Earn Concept