Empireland Community Engagement Is Live

2 min readApr 3, 2022

📢 The BIGGEST quest from Empireland is now opened for the bravest knights!

We want to announce the biggest campaign the land of Empireland ever hosted, the Community Engagement Quest , is NOW OPENED from April 3rd to May 31st, with huge rewards are waiting for only heroic knights to claim!!

🎁 About Community Engagement Quest

This is indeed a quest that requires all of supportive engagements from honored knights to build and grow the Empireland Community. But we assure you that the rewards are HUGE!! All we require is that braave knights will take on their suitable role, get stronger, and make contribution.

Head out to our base, the Discord, to start the quest:


There are the also other activities to join:

  • Heroes Show-off Contest
  • Video Craftmanship Contest
  • Wise Knight’s Guessing Contest
  • Writing Contest
  • And other fun mini side-quests

So spread the news, and invite more comrade to take on this quest and rise up your rank in the knight order together!

📌 Our Goal:

We chose to open this big quest, which requires community activities of our knight, because we want to make sure our trusted knights are distributed to generously with EPL token, not those “airdrop rouge” roaming out there.

Our goal is to build a prolonged and fun strategic community, while also a good profitable investment for the people in Empireland.

💰 Rewards Distribution

We have prepared 30,000,000 EPL (which equivalent around $750,000) for this quest. And great knights of our community will get the most from this, up to 40% (12,000,000 EPL) for your share.

We will update more details in the near future. For now, sir knight can check out our Discord for more information and join the fun.

About Empireland

Empireland is a Strategy Guessing Game built on Fantom Chain, added with RPG and MOBA elements. Your goal as a Knight is to organize armies, starting by recruiting unique Heroes, to conquer the enemies for rewards.

The PvP Gameplay is similar to Battleship series, yet is innovated to another level. This is to make Empireland not only fun but also takes some skill. The economy of Empireland will be around collections of Heroes and tournaments.

Empireland is not just any casual NFT game. This is an easy-to-play game while also requires tactical thinking. Our goal in the next 2 years is to make the Empireland more popular at least as TFTactics and AutoChess in the Blockchain world.

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