Empireland Airdrop Program

Community Airdrop Event

About Community Airdrop Quest

While this is indeed our first Airdrop, we assure you that this quest’s rewards are huge. It also requires our knights to actually take on an adventure in Empireland. We chose to start the airdrop which requires community activities because we want to make sure our tokens are valuable and distributed to our knights.

Rewards Distribution

We have prepared 30,000,000 EPL tokens (equivalent around $750,000) for the airdrop quest. Here is the breakdown of our entire pool:

Community Airdrop Pool
  • 40% = 12,000,000 EPL for Community Engagement: by contributing to the Discord & Twitter of Empireland, participating in contests, games, testing, inviting more friends to join, sir knights are eligible to receive the biggest share of this airdrop pool.
  • 30% = 9,000,000 EPL for Game Contribution: sir knights can join our beta test to try out Empireland’s basic but essential features, report bugs, to help us hunt them down quickly, or open livestream shows, make viral clips promoting Empireland in order to receive more from the airdrop quest.
  • 20% = 6,000,000 EPL for NFT Heroes Holders: if sir knights successfully recruit by minting Mercenary Hero from our quests, do not forget to stake them in your camp to receive exclusive rewards.
  • 10% = 3,000,000 EPL for partners: This will be reserved for our NFT/tokens Holders of partners on Fantom Ecosystem. We will announce more details in the near future.

About Empireland

Empireland is a Strategy Guessing Game built on Fantom Chain, added with RPG and MOBA elements. Your goal as a Knight is to organize armies, starting by recruiting unique Heroes, to conquer the enemies for rewards.



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