Empire Land - The Emperor Of The Darkest Flame Has Returned

4 min readApr 11, 2022

Welcome brave knights of EmpireLand. The land of Manohorg is in needs of legendary heroes once more, now that Malekinos - Emperor of the Darkest Flame - has awaken.

Thus we ask you. Are you up for the challenge?

Who Is Malekinos?

Long ago, since ancient times, demons originally ruled the world. The most savage and evil demons are the army of Burning Demons, working under Malekinos.

Malekinos - Emperor of the Darkest Flame - led the Burning Demons and destroyed everything in their way. Under his rule, human, dragons and every other races were enslaved, some even gone extinct. Many rose against the Emperor, but eventually faced defeat. Lands of Manohorg was devoid of life.

The aftermath of rebellions against the Emperor

Until a thousand years ago, a group of heroes brave enough to face the Emperor Malekinos appeared. They formed a massive army like never before in history, combining every force around the realm, and went against his Burning Demons.

Two side suffered heavy losses. But eventually, the heroes came out on top. While Malekinos were pushed back into the Abyssal Realm - a dead ancient world connected to Manohorg - and were sealed under the Great Northern Sea with his demons. Manohorg finally know peace, though not for long as kingdoms are now at wars because of their greediness for power and wealth.

What Are Your Goals?

In the lands of current Manohorg, there are 6 kingdoms in the state of war, not noticing signs of the revival of Malekinos.

You are from one of these kingdoms, and will be the future hero everyone need. Why don’t you stand up to protect your own kingdom and start your heroic tale now with EmpireLand?

Your heroic journey at EmpireLand

Your quest in EmpireLand’s first version is to form an army led by strong Mercenary Heroes from the past and explore the world with them. They will need wise tactics and get stronger along the way to prepare for the upcoming epic battle against the reincarnation of evil, Emperor Malekinos of the Darkest Flame.

As you also a Knight, you will also face against fellow hero candidate from other land for the honor of your kingdom. There’s a saying between heroes from long ago, who were the Strongest Knights in Manohorg:

“Glory only comes to the victors”.

What Challenges Await?

Aside from competing your fellow heroes in climbing to the top as the strongest warrior. You will also face scary undead, mythical creatures, and deadly enemies along the way.

Wraith - a revengeful evil spirit, who thirst for revenge
Druid - the maniac individual possessed by Demons
Fylgja — A monster who hides in shadow and corrupts the mind of men.
Bone Sphinx - A mythical creature who resides in Aerie Modica, exists since ancient times.
Giant Troll lives in the depth of Forest in middle of Desert. Low intelligent but insane strength
Sandworm - Consider your fate is sealed if you met one alone in the desert
Manticore — A beast with the head and body of a lion, two tails of scorpion and four bat-like wings, lives in the Forbidden Forest
Fenrisúlfr - Undead Giant Wolf that guards Underground Passage to the Temple of the Dead Necromancer.
Fury Axe - Warriors famous for barbaric and aggressive attitude toward everything
Frost Giant — A fierce, hardy, icy gigantic monster

You can either summon or rent Mercenary Heroes to depart together on this quest to save the world. Or you can gather intel at EmpireLand’s Discord base to devise strategy.

May the Goddess Luck be on your side. We will cover more details in future updates

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