Dragonslayer — heroes who hunt down dragons

2 min readFeb 16, 2022


No one can tell when did the first dragon come into existence in the realm of Manohorg. There is one thing everyone agrees on: dragon is the most dangerous creature the world has ever known. Their devastating flame can rain down destruction upon any armies, while their powerful wings allow them to tirelessly soar through the skies. However, until this day, their numbers are dwindling because of just one thing — Dragonslayer.

Dragonslayers are not born naturally. They are the mutants of humankind, possessing unstoppable strength along with superhuman reflexes. Chosen by the Secret Council of Manohorg in order to prepare for the Dark Prophecy, they have undergone extensive training and mysterious rituals to strengthen their power even more. These rituals also stripped them of any emotions, which efficiently shaped Dragonslayers into ruthless killing machines. By drinking the blood of dragons, using their skins forged as armor, Dragonslayers improve their strength and skill every time they kill a dragon. The dragons, once standing tower against anything, now have to struggle to survive. Until today, only the fastest and strongest dragons exist and they constantly clash with the Dragonslayers. Outcome of these battles are mostly drawn as both the enemies now understand much against themselves. Although it seems Dragonslayers do not care about the fate of the realm (as opposed to their master’s purpose) but only how to kill the last dragon remaining, their immense power makes everyone nervous, even the Dark Lord.

What if one day, there are no Dragons left, what are they going to kill next? Perhaps the Burning Demons are ready to be on their list.

Dragonslayers’ gear are forged from the dragons’ corpses themselves, listed as below:

Spines of Dragon: These vicious shoulderpads draw their power from the very life force dragon’s heart

Gigantic Decapitator: Stained with the blood of 13 dragons, the giant axe is now ready to claim the 14th dragon’s life

Colossal Dragonplate: The tales tell the dragon’s skin is impenetrable, only their teeths are able to carve on their skin.

Dragon’s Visage: Forged from the dragons’ thickest skin parts, Dragon’s visage is the most hardened head armor in the realm of Manohorg.

Drakeskin Belt: Forged in the Pits of Konglong Forest, using dismembered dragons as raw materials.

Dragon’s Head: Dragonslayers like to carry a dragon child’s head around, because a full grown dragon’s head is too big to carry, obviously.

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